During the winter, when the evenings are dark, our standard training route of 8 miles skirts around Kenilworth along well lit roads. The route (which is sometimes run clockwise and sometimes anti-clockwise) is shown below.  It is possible to cut off at various points to make it a shorter distance if required. Several groups will leave from Kenilworth Wardens at 7pm on Tuesdays mainly but also Thursday unless hill reps are proposed. Groups will range from the serious runners who will be running at "Tempo" pace [look this up in the running books], medium paced runners and slower runners. Take your pick or ask someone to help you choose.

tempo 1

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During the summer, you can still run the 8 mile winter circuit, however, most people try and run on the many footpaths around Kenilworth, particularly those around the castle. There will be many on offer, however, a typical 8 mile summer route is shown below:-

summer 1

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