Full Results from Race 8 - Old Town Eight

There was food aplenty for runners and marshalls attending the final club race of the 2010 summer league, whilst glycogen stores were replenished, the evenings results were tallied up and the league final standings confirmed.

Date clashes with other local races (inlcuding our own Kenilworth Half Marathon) meant that race 8 was to be run under streetlit conditions. Before the race got underway, members and guests held a minutes silence in memory of Matthew Harris who sadly died competing in Sunday's Half Marathon. The short nature of the course ensured a fast pace was required from start to finish, but the course's undulations certainly didn't go unnoticed.

The top performance of the evening, rewarded with 50 points and a box of chocs, went to Paul Buchan. Matthew Kingston-Lee followed with 48 points, and Rod Goodwin put in a strong performance to take third spot. Any runner's who had not yet played their 'joker' automatically had their joker played for the final race of the season, which proved most beneficial for Paul and Matthew, who doubled their points to 100 & 98 points respectively.

Whilst Rich Simkiss recorded the fastest time of the evening, ahead of course record pace, the course measured slightly short (3.9miles) and therefore no course records have been awarded. The results show re-calculated 'predicted' times to reflect the 3.9mile course distance.

With many runners scoring double points on the last race of the season, there was quite a shake up in the league standings...

Overall Series Winner:
Richard Simkiss - 289 points

A Group Standings:
1st - Joan Mason - 275 points
2nd - Liz Hegan - 274 points
3rd - Martin Broomfield - 272 points

B Group Standings:
= 1st - Ros Matthews - 286 points
= 1st - Rod Goodwin - 286 points
3rd - Colin Underhill - 276 points

C Group Standings:
1st - Pete Matthews - 285 points
2nd - Pete Bryan - 271 points
3rd - Mick Williams - 212 points

The 5 points per course record proved vital to Rich Simkiss over the course of the league and enable him to take the overall title in the last race. Joan Mason managed to hang onto top spot in the A group despite not running in the league finale. A last minute surge from Rod Goodwin put him on level peggings with Ros Matthews to share 1st place in the B group, and Pete Matthews led the way in the C-group with a comfortable margin over 2nd place.

 A big thank you to all club members who supported the summer league this year, both running and marshalling.

Full Results from Race 7 - Deppers Dipper

The first running of this course, aptly named "Deppers Dipper" owing to it's rolling undulations also played host to the 2010 Inter-Club Race between Kenilworth Runners, Spa Striders and Stratford AC. With the results from that taking priority, the club league scores were left somewhat lagging behind.

The competitive nature of the run saw runners producing some fantastic performances on a course that was anything but a PB course. I was suprised to see so many people finish AHEAD of their predicted times, so congratulations to anyone who did (or anyone who came anywhere near for that matter!).

 Top points for the evening went to Nicki Maritz who ran over two and a half minutes quicker than her predicted time, followed by Pippa Green who scored 49 points, and in third place Martin Broomfield, who has shown consistant improvements this season and consistantly scored well.

Being a new course, records were set across the board by Richard Simkiss (28.45), Pete Bryan (30.57), Ros Matthews (37.07) and Imogen Peace (36.31).

The overall league standings, with only one race remaining are...

Ros Matthews remains as the overall series leader on 281 points.

Joan Mason leads the A group with 275 points
Rod Goodwin remains perched at the top of the B group on 267 points
Pete Matthews continues to chase wife Ros for the overall lead and heads the C group with 277 points.

Jokers (i.e. double points) will automatically be applied in the final race for those who have not used them so far in the series. With many runners having not played their joker, it could easily turn things around in the series finale.

Full Results from Race 5 - University Challenge

Downpours of rain during the afternoon in the Coventry area made the race organiser wonder just how many would turn up for the University Challenge, known as one of the tougher of the club races due to several climbs along the 5mile course. As always, Kenilworth Runners' members did not disappoint, with 33 club members runnin, another 5 marshalling, and 2 guests also attending.

Light rain persisted in the buildup to the race but generally held off as runners made their way round the course. The slow upward slope in the first mile was followed by a fast, virtually all downward sloping second mile. Mile 3 was a tough climb following by a strong descent before hitting the biggest climb of the course which frustratingly continued to climb once runners reached the main road. The final mile being predominantly downhill was welcomed by runners, though the cheeky climb at the bottom of gibbet hill sapped any remaining energy.

Sonia Birch was runner of the evening, knocking over 2minutes off her predicted time on an evening where very few were able to avoid falling short of their time prediction. 'Jokers' were wisely played by Colin Uunderhill and Joan Mason giving them 98 & 96 points respectively on the evening. A special mention to the fast improving Laura Gould who would've also scored highly if last night's race hadn't been a 'qualifying race' for her. Rich Simkiss fell foul of his predicted time but was able to edge out another course record in a time of 27:16 (previous Men's course record 27:40).

Joan Mason leads the overall series on 265 points having wisely played her Joker.

Martin Broomfield continues to lead the A group with  234 points
Colin Underhill edges ahead of Ros Mathhews to lead the B group on 231 points
Pete Matthews loses his overall series lead to now lead the C group with 259 points only marginally (6 points) behind Joan

With 5 races now out of the way and only 3 remaining, it will be interesting to see how the scores pan out over the final few rounds, with Jokers still to be played, and each runners top 5 race scores counting towards the league total. See you all in 2 weeks time for the 'Not The Chesterton Chafer''.

Full Results from Race 6 - Not The Chesterton Chafer

Once again the Kenilworth Runners Summer League Club Race was greeted with bloomin' miserable weather, with rain throughout the day and into the early evening the race seemed destined for a small turnout - particularly with no pub to hide and warm up in afterwards. Yet the members were eager as ever to punish themselves and 30 runners turned up, along with 4 Marshalls and a few supporters to boot.

During the race, weather varied from light drizzle to showers of rain and blustery winds offering quite a contrast to the comparitively scorching running temperatures of last month. The first mile saw runners progressively climb around 100ft before entering a reasonably flat second mile. Miles 1 & 2 were run through the grounds of Thwaites Farms (similar to the Inter-Club 2009 race) before joining the normal roads again and steadily descending to 3 miles whilst heading back towards the well known Chesterton Windmill. The fourth mile included a long descent past the windmill before entering the final undulating mile.

Owing to the weather, no results were calculated on the evening (laptops aren't so great in the rain apparently!), but it was a Joker frenzy with 9 members opting to play their joker. Having only just handed Sonia Birch her box of Cadbury's Roses for her high scoring effort in the University Challenge, Sonia is now owed ANOTHER box of choccies after playing her joker and collecting a maximum possible 100points through running a hefty 20 seconds per mile faster than her target pace. Also scoring highly was Rod Goodwin, who played his joker to double his 49 points up to 98, and Laura Gould, who was one of the most improved at the University Challenge, and managed to improve once again in her first scoring race of the league, to take the 3rd spot for the evening of 48 points.

Rich Simkiss was able to continue his run of breaking club race records to set a new record of 28.19, Pete Bryan adding another Male Vets record to his collection (30.03), and Ros Matthews was able to break the female record by over 8 minutes, coming home in 36.10.

Ros Matthews has edged her way into the overall series lead on 273 points.

Joan Mason leads the A group with 270 points
Rod Goodwin now sits at the top of the B group on 249 points
Pete Matthews sits frustratingly close behind wife Ros to lead the C group with 272 points.

Full Results from Race 4 - Catchem's Corner

Despite the dissappoint of no post race food or drink at the Peeping Tom Pub (Boooooo!), 41 turned up for this 4.5 mile club race, which was blessed with pleasant, but not too hot conditions.

Nick Benbow put in the evenings top performance over the relatively flat and fast course (by club race standards), beating his predicted time by 1:17, a 4% improvement, to take 50 points. Course Records were broken across the board by Rich Simkiss (SM), Pete Bryan (MV), Ros Matthews (SL) and new member Imogen Peace (LV) who made a fantastic debut performance. Worth noting that Phil Gould was also able to finish ahead of the previous Mens course record as well as Richard.

Pete Matthews leads the overall series on 222 points

Martin Broomfield leads the A group with  199 points
Ros Matthews leads the B group with 175 points
Roger Homes & Rich Simkiss jointly lead the C group with 171 points

If guests would like to contact me to let me know which group they ran with, I will gladly update their result accordingly. I have no note of M.Seabourne's race number - If you're able to remember it, please contact me so that I can publish your time.

 See you all in 2 weeks time for the 'University Challenge'.

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