Back in 2008 when Kenilworth Runners had a Newsletter I was writing at the time, I thought it might be fun to add an end of year rankings section over the more popular road race distances. This went down rather well with many club members and so over the years it has developed to the point where I have added WAVA / WMA age grading, new distances, and it has even gained its own section on the club website. Ever since I compiled that first set of rankings I've been keen to establish an all-time Hall of Fame where the absolute fastest times over the distances by an athlete running the Kenilworth Runners vest over the 27 year history of the club is recognised and established in print. There were difficulties however: the club's list of results on the old website was patchy and only goes back to the year 2000; finding any results for road races held before 2007 online is hard and before 2000 is virtually impossible.

What has made it possible to do now is the excellent Power of 10 website which makes it easier to find the significant results of club runners, going back in some cases to the turn of the century. This has enabled me (and others on the club's Facebook page) to fill in some of the gaps the club website has. This source of knowledge however brings its own problems in that where runners have joined us, or have left us for another club, Power of 10 tends to claim one club's ownership to a runner for the entire lifetime of the runner. Without currently to hand exact joining and leaving dates for all ex-members before 2010, this has left to make best judgements in the case of some runners.

Moreover I have been unable to establish many club times set before 2000, with the exception of Tom and Pauline Dable, who kindly trawled through their insanely long list of race results to find their best times  - and who provided me with a ladies marathon result dating back to 1993.

The final caveat, as when I've published the yearly rankings, is that I am confident that there will be a number of performances missed, some errors of accuracy in times, and with athletes maybe not actually representing the club when the times were set. I encourage anyone with additional information and corrections to contact me 

The Hall of Fame rankings at the moment are for absolute best performances for Kenilworth Runners from 1986 to the present day. Greatly inspired by one of my favourite websites  I've decided, for now, to just have the fastest ten times, regardless of whether some or most of them have been set by just one athlete. It's my intention to create a top ten athletes Hall of Fame at some point, but for the time being, it's all about the fastest times.

Matthew Kingston-Lee


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