2016 Kenilworth Runners Road Race Rankings

The Kenilworth Runners Road Race Rankings, established in 2008, are included here for 2016 thanks to the spreadsheet skills of Anthony Morgan. and, as in 2015, have included the WMA/WAVA age grading for every performance. As per the past three years, every distance covered on the road has been included in the rankings. as long as at least 2 people have competed.

As is the tradition, firstly a brief explanation to explain the rankings:

The ranking lists cover all distances competed in road races, This means that the following are excluded: track races, cross country, off-road races and (most) events considered as multi-terrain by UK Athletics (This is something of a grey area as there are a few events classed as such which I know to be more of a ‘road race’ then those which hold a road race licence. I’ve therefore used some discretion).

Parkrun results are included. Whilst the free weekly parkrun events are not strictly races, the courses are certified as accurate (or as near as damn it) and times are used by UK Athletics on their Power of 10 website. In keeping with UK Athletics, parkrun is now a separate entity from 5k races. 

Since 2010, a WMA / WAVA grading has been compiled on each athlete's best performance at each distance to attempt to show an equivalency across the club's age ranges.  For all distances the WMA/WAVA age grading table as implemented at a web page created by Howard Grubb has been used. The grades should be accurate for all races.

To open a pdf file for each distance for men and women click on the rows below:-

Mens 5k

Mens 5 mile

Mens 10k

Mens 6 mile

Mens 12k

Mens 10 mile

Mens Half Marathon

Mens 20 mile

Mens Marathon

Ladies 5k

Ladies 5 mile

Ladies 10k

Ladies 10 mile

Ladies Half Marathon

Ladies Marathon

Age Grade All Distances

Age Grade Parkruns

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