2012 Kenilworth Runners Road Race Rankings
Appearing a little later than usual so as to incorporate races that took place as late as December 30th, the 2012 Kenilworth Runners Road Race RankingsTM is finally ready for publication.

Established back in 2008, the format has remained largely unchanged so I allow myself the luxury of a little copying and pasting of the introductory paragraphs to explain the project:

With much number crunching I've produced lists for the most commonly run road distances: 5km; 5 miles; 10km; 10 miles; half marathon and marathon. Cross country or off-road races have been ignored as their claimed distances are often an approximation. 5km parkrun results are included. Whilst the free weekly parkrun events are not strictly races, the courses are certified as accurate (or as near as damn it) and times are used by UK Athletics on their Power of 10 Website.

As in 2010 and 2011 I've implemented a WMA / WAVA grading on each athlete's best performance at each distance to attempt to show an equivalency across the club's age ranges. For all distances I've used the WMA/WAVA age grading table as implemented at a web page created by Howard Grubb (He is now second on a Google search for such a table, but the top result appeared nowhere near as good). Whilst this year I had access to the DOB's of all our club members, I was still reliant on mental dexterity to calculate the ages on race day for our runners – dexterity which may have deteriorated as the hours passed by... Therefore I cannot guarantee that all the grades are 100% accurate.

Unless I've made an error, race performances made by an athlete when running for another club or previously unattached will not be included here – the runner has to have been running in the green vest, metaphorically, or literally as would be the case most of the time. This affects those who have a second claim club (or who have Kenilworth Runners as their second claim club) and those who joined the club midway through the year and had already raced whilst unattached earlier in 2012. Some of the times affected by this clause I've included in the tables to note their performances, but not included in the official rankings.

As with previous years, there is an important caveat to remember with the compiling of the following lists. They are almost certainly not exhaustive or 100% correct as they are based solely on race reports that feature either on the club website or the athlete profile on the Power of 10 website (Which only features UK Athletics affiliated races). I am sure that there are a number of events that have slipped my attention. Finally, this year the rankings include results up to the end of the year i.e. the 31st December.

The website edition of the rankings will now feature two tables at the distances with mass participartion: the traditional table showing all performances by each athlete and now a table to show rank just the fastest time by each athlete.

I hope you enjoy the 2012 Rankings and the additional updating of the All Time Hall of Fame for Kenilworth Runners. For 2013 it is my intention to update the Road Race Rankings on a weekly basis on the club website – giving instant ranking on each performance. This will hopefully save me some hours of compiling come year end and also allow club members to gauge their performances and set their targets more easily.

Matthew Kingston-Lee

Kenilworth Runners Press Officer

8 January 2013

5km Rankings

5 Mile Rankings

10km Rankings

10 Mile Rankings

1/2 Marathon Rankings

Marathon Rankings


A complete version of the rankings can be downloaded by clicking here.

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