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What is It?

The League is a collection of road races promoted by Clubs in Warwickshire.
The aim is to improve the standard of races, to encourage athletes of all standards to race more often and to provide those races as locally as possible.
People can enter as many or as few as they like but to have the best chance of winning the League the athlete should enter at least the number which count towards League points.

You do not have to enter the League as such.
You just enter the races in the League in the usual way.
The League points scoring is automatically done for you and your club.

Age Groups

The athletes are split into age groups: 

  • Senior men and senior women
  • Masters men and masters women (35 years old and above)
  • Masters are further divided into 10 year age bands O35, O45, O55, O65.
  • Junior men and junior Women (U20)
  • U17's and younger may enter league races if allowed by UKA rules and count towards the U20 and open team event scores but there is no separate classification for these age groups.

The scorer takes the results from each race for athletes who are First Claim Members of Clubs which are affiliated to Warwickshire County AA. 

Points System
The athletes are divided in the age groups listed above and then given points. 
The first Senior Man home is awarded 500 points, the second 499 and so on. 
The first in each of the other groups is given 200 and the second 199 and so on. 
The best four races are used for each athlete (U20s) and the best seven races for all other age groups.
The athletes with the most points at the end of the season are the winners.


There is an Open team competition for males to which the Clubs can count their best 6 athletes of any age group. The club with the highest number of athletes points is given 20 team points. The next gets 17 points, the next 16, the next 15 and so on downwards. At the end of the season the clubs can add together their best 9 races worth of team points to find the best team.

Similarly there is an Open team competition for females to which the Clubs can count their best 4 athletes of any age group per race and the best 9 races count towards a total of team points to find the best team.

There are separate scores for teams of male or female Masters. The males can count the best 4 athletes and sum the best 10 races of the season. The females count the best 4 athletes and also sum the best 10 races of the season.

Gun or Chip Positions?

In the WRRL it is always gun time that counts - never chip time. That is because the only fair way to judge a race is to give first place to the first athlete over the line and second place to the second athlete to cross the line etc. If a race used chip times then an athlete could start last, not take part in the "race" as such but do a faster time than anybody else and win. The athletes at the front would have no idea that they are racing him. The key is that it is a race not a time trial.

2017 Events




Massey Ferguson Easter 10k

Stoneleigh Park

16th April

Monty 5k

Leamington track start

30th April

Ryton Pools 5 mile

Ryton on Dunsmore

25th May

Sphinx 5  mile

Coventry Memorial Park

14th June

2 Castles Run 10k

Warwick to Kenilworth

11th June

Arden 9 mile

Hampton in Arden

18th June

Northbrook 10k

Browns Lane Coventry

9th July

Stratford 6 mile

Wilmcote, Stratford on Avon

22nd July



10th August

Godiva 5 mile

Coventry Memorial Park

23rd August

Kenilworth Half Marathon


3th September

Rugby 10 mile

Barby Kilsby

17th September

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